Puppies were born 18th of september 2021

mating 18.07.2021

DAM: CHIAYE Aguzannis (black bitch)

(Int.FTCh Arapaho Shelf Lavondyss & DIANA Aguzannis)
more informations about Chia here

SIRE: FTCh Tamrose Aragon (black dog)

(FTCH Waterford Ganton & Bridgepoint Penny)
3rd in IGL 2019, 3rd in Irish Championship

Puppies are born at 18th of september 2021. 6 black boys, 1 black girl and 1 yellow girl. They are big and strong, their weight is over 400g. They are all doing great.

for more infochsaguzannis@gmail.com, tel. +421 903 237 928 or FB Anastázia Guzanová


OBELIX Aguzannis (black boy)
OWL Aguzannis (black boy)
OCEAN Aguzannis (black boy)
ONREI Aguzannis (black boy)
OCTAVIUS Aguzannis (black boy)
OTTIS Aguzannis (black boy)
OLIVE Aguzannis (yellow girl)
ORALEE Aguzannis (black girl)