I offer training based on hunting training or competitions, breeding tests – individually, in group, and also as a long term training at my place finished with hunting test.

We can train in different types of terrain. Still water, running water, field, forrest, different obstacles, different types of terrain and combination with using training aids (standard dummy in different weights, dummy game, launcher, dummy launcher, shooting with 9mm and 6mm). In case of need we can train with cold game – pheasants, ducks, rabbit.

Also you can book multi-day training, or group training at your place.

Feel free to ask me anything and also if you want to book date of training, please contact me on my mobile:

+421 903 237 928 or mail: chsaguzannis@gmail.com


News • Training Dates

18.-19.05.2019 – training in RohovceProposition

19.-23.08.2019 – training in RZ Branko (organized by SRK) Proposition