My history and the path to working Labradors

Hunting and breed selection

I grew up in a family, where my two uncles are passionate hunters. I was led to hunt from my early childhood. I used to go hunting with them and was learning form them a lot. Thanks to these experiences, I learned everything, how to behave, be responsible and care for our “mother Earth”. Since I remember, I always loved animals and nature. I was bringing home every living creature, which I found and needed help. We always had many dogs and they were big part of my life from an early age.

In 1995, when I was 19, I have passed hunting exams and firearm passport exams. After a while I became a member of the hunting association JastrabRohovce.

When it was the time to get a dog, it was hard for me to decide, which breed would be the most suitable for me. It took me almost 10 years before I got my first hunting dog. Most of the hunters had pointers, but their work did not convince me. Once I came across clever Magyar Vizsla and I decided that this breed could be for me. I wanted to get a puppy from this bitch (she was dog of my hunting colleague Miro Palik “Biza”).

Labrador Retriever

Before I got this dog, I was gifted a Labrador retriever. It was a female Labrador retriever and her name was Sendy and thanks to her, I fell in love with this breed. She was very skillful and receptive, learned very quickly. Shortly after one year, she was stolen. Despite I did everything to find her, I never did and still do not know what happened to her.

I wasn´t without a dog for a very long time. I was gifted with Labrador retriever again. This time it was black male dog, FOX NISUS, LORD. Lord is an amazing, faithful and reliable hunter who participated in the annual hunting ball with me until he was 15 years old. I can say today, that he helped to raise many puppies and today he is fully enjoying his retirement.

Labrador Working Line

In 2003, I met Stefanie Latham and she introduced me to Labrador Working Line and I have learned more effective way of training and working with a dog. I spent a few years with her and it gave me a lot of knowledge and experience. I had the opportunity to train and lead several Stefanias dogs in hunts and as well as in competitions.

Tial Labrador in Slovakia

After some time, I got an opportunity to bring home my first trial dog. Fernshot Olivia. She was perfect in every way and she will never be forgotten. Stefanie brought her to me from England in May 2007 and we have been inseparable couple ever since. She was incredibly loyal, with huge “will to please”. We progressed in training very fast, she was a natural talent and she loved the job. The first test I passed with her was the OVVR breeding test, when she was 5 months old. Even then she was working with hunting game, she was incredibly obedient. It was an honor and pleasure to train and work with her. Truly unique and amazing dog.

Establishment of the kennel

In 2009 I founded a kennel and I was looking for a suitable name for a long time. The final decision was AGUZANNIS, which is abbreviation of my name, Anastázia Guzanová, and the name of my LORD, FOX NISUS. Despite the fact, that he did not become a breeding dog (due to undescended testicle), he was a great hunter, reliable and responsible worker, whom I could always rely on hunting ground.

The founder of breeding was, of course, my VIA, who gave my kennel clever and successful puppies. For her first litter I chose dog Bracken, Ragweed´s Travel. I knew Bracken from his birth, saw how he works, knew his character and I saw how he grew and became a champion. Both litters were extremely successful.

Anastázia Guzanová
Aguzannis kennel