Puppies were born at 24th of june 2022

Mating – 24.04.2022

DAM: Abenthan Bright (yellow bitch)
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SIRE: IFTCh Greenbriar Piano (black dog)
HD AA ED-0, OCD frei, CNM-Optigen frei, EIC frei,
​SD2 Träger, HNPK frei, Augen frei seit 2017

6 beatiful healthy puppies were born. 3 black boys and 3 black girls. Bibi is amazing at taking care of them, all babies have enough milk and love from Bibi. They are growing nicely, having good time.

5.8.2022 – they were vaccinated for the first time and later also chipped. They are enjoying running around with Bibi outside, and gaining experiences.


QUANT Aguzannis (black boy)
QUIQUE Aguzannis (black boy)
QUINCE Aguzannis (black boy)

QORDELIA Aguzannis (black girl)
QOLA Aguzannis (black girl)
QUEEN Aguzannis (black girl)