Puppies were born at 26th of March 2021

DAM: Abenthan Bright (yellow bitch)
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SIRE: FTW Reedbed Bardolino (yellow dog)
HD A, ED 0, prcd-PRA/EIC/CNM/SD2 – clear, eyes clear

mating 25.01.2021

8 puppies were born, 4 yellow boys and 4 yellow girls. Puppies are doing Great, they are strong and healthy and their mother is taking the best care of them. They gain weight every day and grow into beauty.

for more info: chsaguzannis@gmail.com or tel. +421 903 237 928 or FB Anastázia Guzanová


MORPHEUS Aguzannis
MANET Aguzannis
MOUNTAIN Aguzannis
MALI Aguzannis
MEIJA Aguzannis
MADONNA Aguzannis
MIYA Aguzannis