Expected litter “M” – March 2021

Sono confirm pregnancy and puppies are expected in late march 2021

SIRE: FTW Reedbed Bardolino (It FTCh Waterfriend Cornet & Res CACIT Norbeck Fiona of Tweedshot) – yellow dog
DAM: Abenthan Bright (FTCh & Int.FTCh Beileys Aguzannis & Ragweed´s Reggae) – yellow bitch

Planned litters for summer 2021

SIRE: FTCh Tamrose Aragon (FTCH Waterford Ganton & Bridgepoint Penny) – black dog
DAM: CHIAYE Aguzannis (Int.FTCh Arapaho Shelf Lavondyss & Diana Aguzannis) – black bitch

SIRE: Int. FTCh Fendawood Dave (Ravensmoor Kite & Int. FTCh Ragweed´s Greedy of Fendawood) – black dog
DAM: DIANA Aguzannis (SŠP Goddolloi-Huncut Vadasz Filipo & FTW AMELIE Aguzannis) – yellow bitch

One black boy available from litter “K” – KEANU Aguzannis
DAM: CHIAYE Aguzannis (black bitch)
SIRE: Kingsdale Meadow Arrow (yellow dog)

more info FB Anastázia Guzanová, contact: chsaguzannis@gmail.com,
+421 903 237 928