20170517_112644Breeding female Labrador Retriever (yellow)

born 07.03.2014

SPKP 5644/16

microchip 941000016034505

SIRE: SŠP Gödöllői-Huncut Vadász Filipó


breeder: Anastázia Guzanová

owner: Anastázia Guzanová


DIANA Aguzannis

DIDI pedigree

Health results

EIC, NarcolepsyDMHNPKSD2CNMRD-OSD – clear (N/N)
prcd-PRA carrier (N/PRA)



23.01.2015 Viničné ŠVP Very Good
23.04.2016 Kamenný mlyn KV Excellent


Work results

02.05.2015  Bernolákovo, SK  – OVVR I.cena 188b
19.09.2015  Letničie, SK  – JSR III.cena 138b
23.09.2016  Malacky, SK  – NWT water trial VD
08.10.2016  Imeľ, SK  – JSR I.cena 185b
21.10.2017  Letničie, SK – JSR I.cena 195b R-CACT
14.04.2018  Skalica, SK – WT-L 77/100 3rd place
24.03.2019  Chrudim, CZ  – WT-L 63/80 VG 4th place
25.05.2019  Vitnyéd, HU – Pannonia Cup Team WT 410/480 7th place
25.05.2019  Vitnyéd, HU – Pannonia Cup L 134/160 VG 9th place
16.06.2019  Nová Včelnice, CZ WT – M 90/120b Good 2nd place
27.07.2019  Těšany, CZ – KZVP I.price 167p
20.10.2019  Střibřec, CZ – KZVP I.price 164p r.CACT


Diana is the granddaughter of my Olivia imported from England.

From her first litter (SŠP Fernshot Olivia and int.FTCH Ragweed’s Travel) I have kept Amelie. FTW Amelie Aguzannis I have parried with my dog, which is imported from Hungary with English parents and ancestors, he is called Godolloi Huncut-Vadasz Filipo. He is also a champion of work. Here, as a firstborn, I left a bitch and that’s Diana.

Diana is primarily a crazy dog. She is temperamental, tenacious, crazy to work, and also hearty. Like a dog of several faces. When to be guarded, so guard. When it is necessary to give love, so she gives and when to work, she work until despair. It´s just bitch, who would not be lost in the world if she were a man. I will and I want to continue in tradition. I want to leave a puppy after her first litter. My dream was a black bitch and one was born. I have a dilemma because fox red is my weakness, and I have Oliva and Filip, which are black and also one older 13 year old lab named Lord and everyone else are yellow. I’m very pleased with this black bitch. I do not have a lot of tests or contests with Diana, because she was born when I was after the first surgery and basically before the second and plus when Fame died, so I had no time and energy for her. But what so far is great and then we will continue. She is a young clever bitch who has more and even deserves and especially wants to work.