20170517_112644Breeding female Labrador Retriever (yellow)

born 07.03.2014

SPKP 5644/16

microchip 941000016034505

SIRE: SŠP Gödöllői-Huncut Vadász Filipó


breeder: Anastázia Guzanová

owner: Anastázia Guzanová


DIANA Aguzannis

DIDI pedigree

Health results


EIC, NarcolepsyDMHNPKSD2CNMRD-OSD – clear (N/N)

prcd-PRA carrier (N/PRA)



23.01.2015 Viničné ŠVP Very Good

23.04.2016 Kamenný mlyn KV Excellent


Work results

02.05.2015  Bernolákovo, SK   OVVR I.cena 188b

19.09.2015  Letničie, SK   JSR III.cena 138b

23.09.2016  Malacky, SK   NWT water trial VD

08.10.2016  Imeľ, SK   JSR I.cena 185b

21.10.2017  Letničie, SK   JSR I.cena 195b R-CACT

14.04.2018  Skalica, SK  WT-L 77/100 3rd place

24.03.2019  Chrudim, CZ   WT-L 63/80 VG 4th place

Diana is the granddaughter of my Olivia imported from England.

From her first litter (SŠP Fernshot Olivia and int.FTCH Ragweed’s Travel) I have kept Amelie. FTW Amelie Aguzannis I have parried with my dog, which is imported from Hungary with English parents and ancestors, he is called Godolloi Huncut-Vadasz Filipo. He is also a champion of work. Here, as a firstborn, I left a bitch and that’s Diana.

Diana is primarily a crazy dog. She is temperamental, tenacious, crazy to work, and also hearty. Like a dog of several faces. When to be guarded, so guard. When it is necessary to give love, so she gives and when to work, she work until despair. It´s just bitch, who would not be lost in the world if she were a man. I will and I want to continue in tradition. I want to leave a puppy after her first litter. My dream was a black bitch and one was born. I have a dilemma because fox red is my weakness, and I have Oliva and Filip, which are black and also one older 13 year old lab named Lord and everyone else are yellow. I’m very pleased with this black bitch. I do not have a lot of tests or contests with Diana, because she was born when I was after the first surgery and basically before the second and plus when Fame died, so I had no time and energy for her. But what so far is great and then we will continue. She is a young clever bitch who has more and even deserves and especially wants to work.